Monday, July 26, 2010

Temple Fork Outfitters Two Handed Rods Closeout Sale

Temple Fork Outfitters Two Handed Rods Closeout Sale

Temple Fork Outfitters Two Handed Rods - Spey TFO

The modern TFO two handed rod has evolved into a much more versatile fishing tool than the Scots of long ago had in mind when they fashioned rods made of Greenheart wood of up to 20 feet long. Today the two handed rod is not only used in the tradition of Spey casting for Atlantic salmon, but there are several very specific applications, as well. The 11' 5 convertible rod comes with a a standard fighting butt and a removable two handed extension for extreme versatility on the water. Skagit casting has proven to be a very effective method for taking steelhead. The lighter, shorter two handed Skagit rods are perfect for pursuing trout and for overhead applications such as casting from jetties or wading the surf.

Roller coaster high waves and bowling ball slick jetties are the normal playing fields for increasing numbers of shore-bound fly fishers. The challenge of delivering a fly the required distance under conditions like these can prove practically impossible with traditional single-handed fly rods. This is where TFO’s double-handed Scandinavian rods will help you rise to the occasion. Mate these rods to an appropriate shooting head and you’ll find that the powerful butt in conjunction with the responsive tip section will enable you to launch long distance presentations and cover stretches of water simply not possible with single-handed sticks. If your quarry calls for you to move a bit inland, our Scandinavian rods will serve you equally well executing effortless Skagit casts in fast moving river currents. Two diverse applications, one great rod lineup: the hallmark of TFO’s Scandinavian Rods.

Our Professional Series two handed rods are medium fast action rods available from an 11' 5 wt. to a 15' 10 wt. They feature aluminum oxide stripping guides and come with cordura covered PVC rod cases.

Aluminum Uplocking Reel Seat with Fighting Butt | Double Handed Grip

Model Line Length Pieces Weight (OZ) Description
TFO 05 11 4 P 5 Wt. 11'-0" 4 5.1 IM6 Graphite
TFO 06 126 4 P 6 Wt. 12'-6" 4 7.9 IM6 Graphite
TFO 08 126 4 P 8 Wt. 12'-6" 4 8.1 IM6 Graphite

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