Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Reef

By: Kray Lutz
The spring fishing on the Reef thus far in 2010 has been nothing short of fantastic! We have been fortunate to have a fairly mild last couple of month's weather wise and it has allowed us to spend a lot more time on the water than usual for this time of year. There has been little to no pressure on the river but the fishing has been outstanding. There are fish everywhere in the river but since the water is so low and clear you gotta be a little sneaky when targeting the fish in the shallower waters. The days I've spent out on the river have been spent mostly nyphing, but I've caught fish on dries and streamers when the conditions allowed for it... and BIG fish. The hot bugs of choice on "The Reef" have been the ever trustworthy rock worm, scuds, leeches, and midges. I spoke with the guys who head up the fish counts on the river and according to him the average fish size and fish numbers on the upper 9 miles (Gray Reef) are up from past years. I couldn't agree more! It seems to me like the fish are definitely a little bigger on average, but as most of you know it's the nature of our river to produce hogs. The trout have been super hungry, probably gearing up for the spawn. Spring fishing on Gray Reef is known for being the best time of year to catch consistent numbers of fish. There is no better time, whether you're a beginner or a expert, to catch more fish in a day than possible anywhere else. Spring time on Gray Reef is great for those just getting into fly fishing and allows them the opportunity to build confidence, skills, and catch lots of fish. Gray Reef is at its regular early spring flow of 500 cfs and the first flushing flows are scheduled for the middle of March. The flows should remain at 500 cfs until mid April when they open the damn and raise the river to its summer flow of 2300 cfs. If you've been waiting to come wet a line on the North Platte's Gray Reef section then this spring is that time.

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